Our Story

Fitness Evolution (FE) is a community based organisation dedicated to promoting increased access of social servicesĀ  while addressing social challenges in Uganda.

FE mobilizes communities to become actors for social and economic change focusing on vulnerable and marginalized groups. We empower local communities to effectively advocate for change and duty bearers to deal with dynamic social challenges.


Our main strategy is community involvement for sustainability, through Mobilization and Sensitization, Advocacy and Lobbying, Capacity Building and Intervention powered by Participation, Engagement and Inclusion, Preventive Solutions, Peer to Peer Mobilization, Utilization of Community Structures. We tackleĀ  HIV/AIDS prevention and management, Non Communicable Diseases, Sexual Reproductive Health, Education and Literacy, Poverty.

We work directly with local communities and also in partnership with Local Government as well as Civil Society Organisations.

Where We Work

FE operates in Great Masaka area specifically in the districts of Lwengo and Bukomansimbi.

Our Niche

FE comes out with a new strategy that will ensure response to programs as well as sustainability.

Sports and Edutainment are used as a mobilization and delivery strategy in which we engage communities in physical fitness sessions, games, self defense classes and community events.

FE creates partnerships and collaborations with faith-based agencies in the concept of religion for growth. We get access to communities in creating networks through religious and faith groups.